What is ataxia? The side effect of Orfidal


The lorazepama anxiolytic which is generally sold under the trade name Orphidalis a medicine that can only be taken with medical prescription previous, and may cause several Side effects. The ATaxi It’s one of them.

If we look at the perspective of Lorazepam or Orfidal 1mg tablets, it is seen that ataxia appears as a possible undesirable effect which occurs in a “frequent” in patients who take it.

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What is ataxia? In the prospectus itself, it is classified as a nervous system disorder, which causes motor incoordination and speech problems. It makes people have difficulty walkingmaintaining balance or coordinating hand movements.

Ataxia is the result of a cerebellar damagethe part of the brain that controls muscle coordination. In addition to lorazepam use, ataxia can also be caused by alcohol abuse, strokes, brain degeneration or multiple sclerosis, or tumors.

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