Who was Mihaela Gabi Ianosi, the Romanian who died in Aconcagua and documented her adventure to the summit on social media


Mihaela Gabi Ianosi was a native of Romania and he was 56 years old. He was passionate about mountains: had already ventured into the Himalayasthe highest mountain range in the world, and his ultimate goal was to reach the top of the Aconcagua, the highest peak on the planet outside the Himalayas. He managed to reach the summit, but died after losing consciousness before descending.

He lived in the Romanian district Mehedinți. From there he made stops in Bucharest, Paris and São Paulo before arriving in Argentina. The entire trip, which he made with a group of mountaineers, documented through his Facebook accountscam several photos and videos.

Upon arriving in the country, he dressed sportswear from the Lionel Messi brand. In addition, she went out to explore the streets of Mendoza with a beret similar to that of Che Guevara. What caught his attention the most was the large number of “ancient and huge trees“He also highlighted the parks and squares.”Overtakes London“he demonstrated.

Mihaela Gabi Ianosi in the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world.

On Tuesday, January 16, he left the hotel and left for the first camp. “Now the hard work and mental battle begins.“, he anticipated. He knew what he was talking about, because he had already made similar journeys. He finished the publication with a phrase that he had already used several times: “Lord, help us“. That was the last post on your Facebook wall.

From Romania to Mendoza: Messi’s clothing, Che Guevara’s beret and the city that “surpasses London”

Mihaela Gabi Ianosi started the year in her favorite place: the mountains. In the first days of January, she published a series of photos of her adventure through the mountains Delaware mehedintidistrict of Romania in which he lived. A few days later, on January 12, she was happy with her backpack and his suitcase. He then began a long journey to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The countdown is on! Baggage is full and emotions are high.“, he wrote. In that publication he said that he was about to take a train to the Romanian capital, Bucharest, and then he would get on a plane to Mendoza, with stops in Paris and São Paulo. “Aim? Aconcagua. Argentina, here I come“, hill.

Mihaela Gabi Ianosi with Lionel Messi’s brand clothing.

He did not venture alone, but was accompanied by a group of mountaineers, among whom stood out expedition guide Mihata Matei. At each stop, Mihaela took the opportunity to take photos and share the images on Facebook.

Arrived at El Plumerillo International Airport, in Mendozashortly before 3 p.m. Sunday January 14. According to her relationship, she had problems at customs: “An officer called his boss and showed her my passport, because he only had a Nepal visa. Then they gave me access.”

Mihaela Gabi Ianosi at the Monument to the Army of the Andrés, at the top of Cerro de la Gloria.

Without wasting time, he decided that same day to go out to explore the city. “I am well equipped. Adidas Messi T-shirt and skirt. “Let the fun begin,” she posted along with several photos she took inside the Hotel Mendoza, where she was staying. She was wearing a light blue sports outfit, the brand of the captain of the Argentine National Team.

During the following hours, he published a series of videos where, together with his companions, he toured “a magnificent park with enormous trees” and “a fair with traditional products.” “We have one more day to stay here, then we begin the path towards the ascent to the summit“he reported.

Mihaela Gabi Ianosi with the Argentine who shouted at her: “Long live Che Guevara!”

On Monday, he decided to get on a tourist bus to visit the main sites of the city. She came out wearing a military green beret with a red star, similar to the one on the Che Guevara. “I was walking on the street and suddenly A man passed by me and told me: ‘Long live Che Guevara!‘”, he said. He captured the encounter with his cell phone and also uploaded it to the networks.

That day he visited the Monument to the Army of the Andrés, at the top of Cerro de la Gloria. “It’s a beautiful city, they impressed me tens of miles of very old trees, enormous. The parks, which I could barely capture from the bus, are beautiful! Overtakes London!”, he described.

His posts had a lot of interactions.. The comments were not only from friends and family, but also from people she had met during other adventures. “I fondly remember when we met in Bulgaria. You were on your bike and you gave us sunglasses so we could take photos. Have a good time!” one woman commented.

The adventure to the mountain: “The hard work and mental battle begins. Lord, help us!”

On January 16, he visited himself in mountain clothing. On her back she carried a huge hiking backpack. “It’s 10:30. In minutes we leave the hotel and begin a four-hour trip to the first camp,” she said. And he closed, aware of the difficulties of the journey: “Now the hard work and mental battle begins. Lord, help us!“.

In the next post, just an hour later, he showed the entire team’s luggage in the hotel lobby. “Ready to go! May we all achieve what we set out to do!Lord help us!”, wrote.

Mihaela Gabi Ianosi, 56, died trying to reach the summit of Aconcagua.

Minutes later, he uploaded a three-minute video about a immense tree, one of the things that had surprised her most about Mendoza: “One last informative video before we go! I show you how a tree, for example, can grow as big as a 10-story building.”

At 11:57, shared the last post that appears on your Facebook profile. “The match“, he stated. In the images you can see how they load all the backpacks and equipment in a van from El Oro Negro, a travel and tourism company. “God help, let’s go“he said in Romanian to the camera, before ending the recording.

Mihaela Gabi Ianosi dies during the afternoon of this Thursday after reaching the summit of Aconcagua. He lost consciousness around 3pm and his pulse dropped. A doctor practices CPR maneuvers and the supply adrenalinbut he was unable to save his life.

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