Xanax (Alprazolam)

Xanax: Action

Generic Xanax is most often used to treat patients’ categories that have such diseases:

  • insomnia in a difficult stage,
  • depression,
  • panic attacks.

In addition, Xanax is used to treat the syndrome of anxiety.

Contraindications in the application of Xanax

Generic Alprazolam, as part of Xanax and other medications, is not used in some cases. Most often, this is due to the presence of an allergic reaction to this component.

Generic Xanax is not used during:

  • coma,
  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding,
  • poisoning with toxic substances and alcohol,
  • age less than 18 y.o.

When treating with Xanax and other remedies based on Alprazolam, there is also a risk group. These patients are allowed to use Xanax only under the doctor’s supervision. The risk group consists of patients with:

  • liver diseases,
  • ataxia,
  • apnea,
  • drug or alcohol addiction,
  • brain diseases,
  • old age.

The presence of frequent psychosis attacks can also cause a cessation of treatment or treatment under the specialist’s supervision.

Xanax: side effects

In most cases, side effects occur at the start of treatment. At the same time, the risk group is more vulnerable to them, especially for elderly patients.

Doctors distinguish several basic side effects, most often occurring almost immediately after the start of taking tablets:

  • migraine,
  • dizziness,
  • fainting,
  • mood swings,
  • problems with digestion.

In addition, side effects can be more serious:

  • memory loss,
  • anemia,
  • problems with erectile function,
  • urinary incontinence,
  • edema (allergic).

Xanax for pregnant women

The use of Generic Xanax or other medicines based on Alprazolam is strictly prohibited for pregnant and lactating women. The ingestion of Xanax in the body of a child in any way can be very detrimental to health. Among the most likely negative changes are:

  • problems with the nervous system,
  • problems with breathing,
  • teratogenicity.

Xanax is used for the treatment of pregnant women only in the most exceptional cases; self-administration without a stationary observation of a doctor is absolutely excluded.


During long treatment for several weeks, Xanax can cause addiction in the patient. That is why the completion of treatment and withdrawal of the patient from the period of active drug intake should be gradual and mild. Otherwise, the patient may experience physical pain, and be prone to sudden mood swings and attacks of aggression.

Overdose of Xanax

In view of the fact that Generic Xanax is a very powerful drug with a strong effect, an overdose can be dangerous if you do not provide timely help to the patient. To determine an overdose, it is necessary to check the patient for the following symptoms:

  • persistent weakness and drowsiness,
  • critically low pressure,
  • loss of consciousness and coma,
  • lack of clarity of consciousness,
  • problems with breathing.

Before the arrival of a doctor, in order to minimize the risk of negative irreversible consequences, you can provide first aid to the victim. In particular, you can rinse the patient’s stomach and give the amount of activated carbon according to his or her weight. Also, always monitor the patient’s breathing and general condition; do not leave him or her unattended.

Doctors often use Flumazenil in hospitals to neutralize side effects.

Use with other substances and possible risks

It is strictly forbidden to take it together with ethanol. In addition, it is recommended to immediately stop taking the drug and seek help if Xanax causes:

  • attacks of panic and aggression,
  • desire to commit suicide,
  • aggravation of insomnia.

Patients under 18 y.o. always experience Xanax’s too powerful influence on the nervous system. That is why the independent use of Xanax for children and adolescents is strictly prohibited. The use of this drug for this age group of patients is possible only in a hospital under the constant supervision of a doctor.

Try to exclude the intake of alcohol for the entire period of treatment, not only for the period of action of the drug. Xanax can cause a loss of memory and consciousness; it also affects the work of the vestibular apparatus. Do not drive and do not work with equipment during the treatment, so as not to provoke a dangerous situation.

Reception of Xanax with other tablets

Alprazolam in Xanax is a potent substance that can enhance other drugs’ effect. Do not mix Alprazolam with analgesics and muscle relaxants. It is also not recommended to use Xanax with drugs against epilepsy and antipsychotic drugs.

Moreover, Alprazolam influences the pressure and work of the respiratory organs. Eliminate admission with Clozapine to avoid even more negative effects on the respiratory system. Joint use of Xanax with Zidovudine can cause toxic poisoning, so be careful.

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