‘DP’ Season 2: Netflix Release Date Estimate and What We Know So Far


DP season 1 is available to stream on Netflix

Netflix consistently puts out great South Korean content, but the latest of its original dramas, PD could be one of the most popular releases since love alarm and Kingdom. Fans were already excited to learn that PD has been renewed for a second season, and you’ll be even more excited to learn that the series is expected to arrive sometime in July 2023. Below, we’ll keep track of everything you need to know about PD season 2.

PD is a South Korean Netflix Original crime drama series directed by Han Jun Hee and based on the webtoon DP dog day by Kim Bo Tong. One factor that makes the series so well received is Kim Bo Tong’s involvement in the series as a co-writer of the script.

PD Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Netflix Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Update: 12/14/2021)

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After waiting several months, Netflix Korea made the announcement on Twitter that PD will return for a second season on Netflix!

PD it performed extremely well on Netflix outside of Europe and North America, spending several weeks in the top ten of many Asian countries. Notably, the series spent 8 weeks in the top ten in South Korea, for a total of 52 days.

The series has also performed exceptionally well with critics and subscribers, earning respectable 8.8 ratings on IMDband 8.8 on MyDramaList.

Even as the series struggles to make an impact outside of Asia, it’s great to see Netflix committing to South Korean content.

When can we expect to see a second season of PD?

In November it was reported that the second season of PD filming is over. We previously thought that we might have seen the return of K-drama by spring 2023, however, now we hear that PD It will arrive on Netflix in July 2023.

What to expect from the second season of PD?

final ending recap

The second season of PD will deal with the aftermath of the devastating fallout at the end of Season 1.

After being relentlessly harassed, Suk Bong snapped and took Hwang Jang-Soo hostage with the intent to kill him. It is thanks to Detective Na’s actions that he stops Suk Bong from killing Hwang, but Jun-Ho had to stop him from beating the defector too much.

In a quick turn of events, Suk Bong was able to grab Detective Han’s gun and chased after Hwang to finish what he had started. Han pleaded with Suk Bong to step down and offered him a full-scale investigation into the allegations against Hwang and his unit.

Despite Han and Jun-Ho’s intervention, armed military police guards appear and surround Suk-Bong. With few options in his mind, Suk Bong shoots himself in the head, but shoots himself in the neck and not the head, leaving him bleeding in pain, helplessly calling out to his mother.

In the aftermath of the incident with Suk Bong, Jun-Oh takes drastic measures and distances himself from his commanding officer and his unit. Despite having more than 500 days of military service left, Jun-Oh decides to go on the run.

Where will Jun-Oh run to?

Despite being separated from his mother, the natural place for Jun-Oh to run away is his mother’s. But since the military police know the address of his mother, it won’t be long before they find Jun-Oh.

Given his brief experience working as a DP soldier, Jun-Oh will need to use his experiences and the experiences of those who defected to evade capture.

The consequences of Suk Bong’s death

The culture of intimidation and harassment within the South Korean military ultimately led to the deaths of Suk Bong and several other military personnel.

Detective Han promised a full investigation of the military police unit to which Suk Bong was assigned. If Han follows through on his promise, the resulting investigation is likely to uncover a long and unhealthy past of bullying.

However, an investigation will have to take place anyway, as an intimidated soldier uses his machine gun to kill all the men in his room. Even more victims of the insistent culture of bullying.

Which cast members can we expect to see in PD season 2?

We can expect the following cast members to return in the second season of P.S:

Rolecast member
Private – Ahn Joon HoJung Hae-in
Cape – Han Ho Yulkoo kyo hwan
Sergeant First Class – Park Bum Gookim sungkyun
Captain – Im Ji Supson seok koo
Hwang Jang Sooshin seung ho
ryu yi kanghongkyung
jung hyunminlee jun young

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