Retirement in Cotacachi: a full life in the magical surroundings of Club Lomas for expatriates from Los Ángeles, California


Every year, thousands of retirees search for the perfect place to embark on their next chapter. Ecuador has long been a favorite destination for expatriates and has been featured in international magazines, and Cotacachi has been named the “retirement paradise in northern Ecuador”.

In this city, you can find the innovative proposal of Club Lomas, a community that offers resort-style amenities for Ecuadorian retirees and expatriates. In a setting of enchanting landscapes and with the tranquility of a gated community, this option is positioned as a quality and affordable alternative for retirees from all over the world who wish to stay active and sociable.

Why live your retirement at Club Lomas in Cotacachi?

The combination of the destination and the services provided by Club Lomas make this place the best choice for retirement living. This community for older adults welcomes residents over 65 years of age, whether they are independent or require mobility assistance and food plans.

Among its housing availability, it offers residential units, studios and suites, for one or two people, making it viable both for retirees who want to overcome solitary life and for couples who wish to continue their life plan in a social environment. By residing there, they have access to the Social Club and the activities offered, along with facilities such as security, food plan, cleaning, and more to live daily without worries and enjoy after years of work.

Club Las Lomas

Cotacachi: the destination with luxury amenities for retirees and expatriates

This city in the province of Imbabura has established itself as an ideal destination for retirees and senior citizens seeking luxury and socialization in a pleasant and safe environment. For this reason, Club Lomas is the community in Cotacachi that, with its resort-style services and globally competitive prices, stands out among so many options in the world.

To learn more about Club Lomas services and if it’s the ideal destination for you, visit their website and discover this unique and renowned place to live your retirement in Ecuador.

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