Ricardo López Murphy’s response to Javier Milei’s harsh criticism: “I wish him temperance”


Seconds after Javier Mileifrom Corrientes, he aimed his cannons of disqualifications, this time, against Ricardo López Murphy, the deputy of Hacemos Coalión Federal answered him on the Internet that it was Twitter and that the President is so up in arms.

“As a Republican, I respect your investiture and reserve the answer that otherwise it would deserve“, the former Minister of Economy of Fernando de la Rúa posted sharply. And he wished him “temperance” and “wisdom” to occupy his position and preside over the country.

The reply came as a result of the presidential harsh words against the liberal economist from an event in Corrientes. With a curiosity: Milei’s presentation was given for the anniversary of the Corrientes Freedom Club, to which he was invited. and in which López Murphy is part of its advisory board.

At that headquarters, Milei attacked the deputy, whom he does not forgive for having been the head of a list promoted by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta to divide the liberal vote in the City of Buenos Aires. In that sense, the President said that López Murphy is “a traitor of liberal ideas” and recalled that during the campaign, the former radical had called him a “Nazi.”

“It’s good that they know who they are they dress up as liberals your son real garbage that go against ideas. Obviously that goes for those who came back on the list as well,” Milei attacked in Corrientes.


“It is good that they know who are those who disguise themselves as liberals,” the president pointed out against the deputy.

And he went further against López Murphy. “Now wants to be good, try to save chapter 4 of the Bases Law. Don’t believe him, He’s trying to blow up my economic program. so that a pineapple hits me,” he warned.

From his bench, now in the army commanded by Miguel Ángel Pichetto, López Murphy voted in favor in the debate on the truncated Omnibus Law. But Milei dusts off other pending accounts to treat him as a traitor.

In his message on networks, and in an extension of his defense, López Murphy stated that he has been fighting with coherence and civility for “many years” for the country.

He also denied being at odds with the President and clarified that he did not intend to get involved in a conflict with him. “I was never your enemy but if you decide to give me such a character, that’s up to you.. I usually focus on what is important and not on personal issues,” she remarked.

“I wish you temperance, wisdom and that God be with you in the important work that lies ahead,” the former Minister of Economy completed his publication.

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