two Chilean tourists died after crashing and overturning on the mountain route


United Nations front crash in broad daylight and with good visibility, left two dead on high mountain route 7that connects the city of Mendoza with Chile.

A Chilean tourist couple He died from the strong impact. They were traveling in a Suzuki Baleno car, which crashed head-on against a tourist combination who wore a five Brazilian passengers.

The victims were identified as Carla Javiera Muñóz Illanes (35) and Diego Hernán Araya Peña (31).

The accident occurred around 3 p.m. this Monday, on Route 7, near Los Penitentes ski centerand 30 kilometers from reaching the Los Libertadores customs complex.

Due to the strong impact, the van crashed and it was overturned on the side of the road while the car was left with its front destroyed and its wheels up on the road.

The police and road personnel who came to help them confirmed that the Chilean tourist who was traveling in the Suzuki Baleno died at the scene. Her companion, who was driving the car, was transported with serious injuries and died before arriving at the Uspallata medical center, the closest.

Fatal crash and rollover in Mendoza: two tourists from Chile died.

According to the statement of the van driver, an Argentine driveror, the accident occurred when the Chilean car I wanted to pass another vehicle on a curveand they came face to face with the van that was coming in the opposite direction.

The driver and the five passengers of Brazilian origin in the van suffered minor injuries and everyone is out of danger.

The Police reported that the dosage of alcohol in the blood of the van driver negative.

The investigation of the accident was carried out by Police Station 33 of the municipality of Las Heras.

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