The “king of the night” turns 40 in Pinamar and now he passed the legacy on to his daughter


April is 19 and for a year she has been working on what she always loved: electronic music. She was his choice become a disc jockeyIt was the passion he inherited from his father, the icon of the Pinamar night, Gustavo Palmer. As both comment in dialogue with ClarionReturning together to the spa city of the legendary Ku bowling alley of the 90s is the best gift of all. This is the fortieth season for the nighttime entrepreneur, the same one who made crowds vibrate from his booth. Now, the legacy is carried on by his daughter.

“For me, being with her here is the best thing in my life, she is the best thing that happened to me, she is the love of my life. That’s why I strive for her to grow, he loves electronic music, he doesn’t like cachengue. It is the essence of her because since she was little I made her listen to Armin van Buuren,” says the night businessman while the details for the presentation of april palmer -her daughter’s stage name- at an event for a women’s clothing brand.

April is very young, but she has her well-marked influences and a musical taste that she educated from a young age with her father: “She alone was the one who told me ‘Dad, I want to be a DJ’, because he likes music. He already liked the house, he liked Roger Sánchez, he liked David Guetta. I also started with electronic music, I was the founder of Energy.”

Abril’s desire was such that when she finished the bilingual school she started in architecture, but quickly He left that career to study advertising and music. at the same time. She has had a teacher for two years who helps in her musical training, she attended the Art House academy, and absorbs all the advice that her father gives her.

He says that he bought her the controller and that for some time she has been playing music on Metro 95.1, in Buenos Aires. You can also hear her on Global Electronic Station, Fm 90.1, in Pinamar, which is in Palmer. “She sets music for the radio and I produce it and he directs it, I set the guidelines for him,” she says.

Photo: Federico López Claro.

“I was at Boutique last year. It was pretty heavy, but it was all fun. Now I am very happy, a little excited about this, which is also something new for me. I started doing this less than a year ago, and now playing in venues as big as 47 Street makes me proud,” says April as she prepares for the events of these next few days.

It comes from a few days in Punta del Este. He played at the Dsquared venue in Cariló on January 16. On the 17th he was at a sunset at Boutique and at UFO Point during the night. He also performed music in Samsara (Mar del Plata) and, finally, he will be at the closing of Fox Sports this Sunday at the Registered Marketing Space of Pinamar.

April is very clear about her musical influences, and emphasizes that the first inspiration is Palmer: “He is my biggest influence, obviously. I really like melodic techno and slightly bigger labels. I play everything the same, that is, I play from techno to house or progressive, or tech house. I adapt quite well to everything. It’s not that I go with only one musical genre.”

Photo: Federico López Claro.

The booth prepared inside the establishment awaits her and people begin to concentrate, the moment is coming and Gustavo cannot help but look with admiration and a lot of love at his daughter, at this one. heir to the musical genre that he also loves and defends.

“I get a little nervous, being here with him, obviously, it’s a pressure. But out of nowhere I see him dancing, smiling and laughing a little. I love that, it’s essential. Besides, he always supports me. In all projects, and in this it is quite linked, has music in his blood. I have the honest opinion, that is, something doesn’t work and it doesn’t work. And he tells me. And that’s how it is, I have to listen to her and I know that she always tells me that for the better too,” says Abril, who is now concentrating on starting to set the event to music.

Photo: Federico López Claro.

Gustavo accompanies his daughter a few meters away, while he tells this medium how he sees the summer season, what happens to the Pina Mar night and youth, and what the challenge is to constantly reinvent oneself in a changing world.

This season is 35% down nowIn people we are 30%. The first week in Pinamar was always more federative, you see people from Rosario, Cordoba, Tucuman and Mendoza. Then in the second fortnight comes the group that was in Punta del Este, an objective ABC1, who are from the northern area of ​​the capital. That achieves a flow of 20% more people. More specific productions and shows are made and where DJs are hired, for example, Fatboy Slim and La K’onga are now playing,” he points out.

Photo: Federico López Claro.

He exemplifies the case of Pink, his nightclub in Pinamar, and says that he is trying to “Take care of the price and don’t kill the people who go out every day, don’t break their pockets”. Starting from that base, the main thing is the power to adapt to the complex times surrounding economic uncertainty.

“The guys go out to sell combos, what is the combo like now? We leave with closed bottles for 6 people, we charge 35,000 pesos and we give them a bonus of giving 2 to 4 VIP rooms. So, 10 people enter with 35,000 pesos, with a bottle of vodka and 4 energizers. Sell ​​3,500 pesos for each one and don’t kill them”, he highlights.

He says that, as spokesperson for the Chamber of Nightclubs and Bars of the Province of Buenos Aires (CEDIBBA), he also met with Juan Ibarguren, mayor of Pinamar, to work in the safety of the night for young people who go out dancing.

“You have to make people have fun in the best way, give parents the security that you comply with all the corresponding measures. They are doing things very well here in Pinamar because they placed additional external police officers, eight infantry personnel, all so that a Báez Sosa does not happen again. Apart from a corresponding patrol car. The five enabled nightclubs are the only five that can open”, he adds.

Palmer emphasizes the importance of enforcing law 21,197, which explains the security care that a nightclub must ensure: “There must be a security company, all components must be physically and mentally prepared. They must be registered at the relevant police station. A security company is hired that is valued and supervised by the Ministry of Security, Patovica no longer exists”.

Added to that is that it is an obligation to hire an ambulance. Remember that in the legendary Ku bowling alley – its registered trademark of which sold 35 franchises throughout the country, in which every night they vibrated up to about 10,000 people and even characters like Charly García, Gustavo Cerati and Pappo passed by – it had two highly complex ambulances, four patrol cars, cavalry, infantry, and in 30 years it did not have any problems, but it was terrible stress.

He is more of a transgressive teenager now. and we have to take more care of it, so what I intend is to plant so that they can harvest one night that has a safe culture, and that a father who comes on vacation can be calm and send his son and have him cared for by us,” he adds.

He also points out that dance venues have to constantly reinvent themselves. And he tells about his own experience at Club Aráoz, the bowling alley he has in the Federal Capital.

“You have to make co-productions and invent eclectic products. In Aráoz I have a party Wednesday Jolie, which is the only lesbian gender party. On Thursdays I do Black Cream, which is the only one of RKT’s gender, goes L-Gante, goes China Suárez, Wanda Nara. On Saturdays I make cachengue and on Sundays I make it again Black Cream”Palmer summarizes. And he adds that the Elements cycle takes place on Fridays, where he brings top national and international disc jockeys once a month. His daughter, April Palmer, also played there.

Photo: Federico López Claro.

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