Spreading Vaseline inside your eyes: the risks and dangers of TikTok’s new viral trick


The latest viral trick on TikTok consists of smearing Vaseline in the corners of your eyes to prevent the tearing typical of the winter cold from ruining your makeup. Videos with this tip have racked up millions of views on the app with hashtags like #wateryeyehack and #vaselinehacks. But, as with almost all the homemade tricks that populate this social network, you have to be careful because it could compromise the health of a very delicate area. That the eye waters more at this time of year is normal. In drier or colder environments, “it defends itself” from this situation by producing more tears, explains Dr. Rebeca Rosés, an ophthalmologist at IMO Grupo Miranza, an expert in ocular and facial aesthetics, who adds that the use of contact lenses can worsen these symptoms because “Carrying a foreign body, together with an environment or temperature that is not ideal for the eye, is like a double attack.” It can also happen indoors, since the hot air emitted by heaters also dries out the eyes and reduces the lubrication of the tear film layers. But Vaseline is not a good option to prevent our eyes from watering and our makeup from smearing. “I would never apply anything to my eyes that wasn’t intended for it,” she says forcefully. If you want to protect the surface of the eye, the expert recommends applying »ophthalmic ointments (without chemicals or preservatives)«. In the case of makeup, »it must be hypoallergenic and, to set it, you can use a spray«, she clarifies. Desktop Code @danicolexx The best Vaseline trick 🫶🏼 like HOW #vaseline #vaselinehacks #vaselinetips #skincarehacks #vaselineskincare #skincaretips ♬ som original – biel real Image for mobile, amp and app Mobile code @danicolexx The best Vaseline trick 🫶🏼 like how APP code @ danicolexx The best Vaseline trick 🫶🏼 like HOW #vaseline #vaselinehacks #vaselinetips #skincarehacks #vaselineskincare #skincaretips ♬ som original – biel real The ophthalmologist warns that using a cosmetic product not designed for the eyes can lead to “serious eye problems, such as keratitis or corneal ulcers, with the consequent loss of vision.” To prevent excessive tearing as much as possible, Dr. Carlos Lisa, ophthalmologist at the Fernández-Vega Ophthalmological Institute, recommends using approved sunglasses and appropriate filters to protect us from the sun and wind, even if it is winter. He will also blink more often to promote the natural hydration of the eye and try to use humidifiers in closed places to avoid drying out the environment. If you suffer from dry eyes, it is advisable to hydrate the eye more than usual with artificial tears. “Using artificial tears with hyaluronic acid creates a protective film on the surface of the eye,” concludes the expert. In the case of contact lens wearers, “they should pay more attention to the recommendations and try not to wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day. We must not forget to drink plenty of water to hydrate ourselves and frequently consume foods rich in omega 3,” advises Dr. Carlos Lisa. It is important to pay attention to symptoms related to dry eye such as a feeling of grittiness in the eyes, irritation, increased sensitivity to light and eye fatigue. “If we identify one or more of these symptoms, it is recommended to visit an ophthalmologist for a check-up and pause timely treatment,” concludes the expert.

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