‘The Crown’ Season 6 Cast: List Of New And Returning Cast Members


Image: Netflix

The final season of the hit Netflix period drama series The crown ends with season 6, which will be released sometime in late 2023. Wondering who will return for the sixth and final season or see what new faces it will see? Here is your casting guide for The crown season 6

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Various queens appearing in season 5 of The Crown

Pictured: Claire Foy, Olivia Colman, Imelda Staunton and Viola Prettejohn

It has been confirmed that the deceased queen elizabeth ii will be played by four different actresses in the final season of The crown. The main iteration is imelda stauntonwho plays the Queen in her old age.

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On top of that, you will be joined by past leads from The crown, claire foy and olivia colman, who resume their roles for the last time. It is not clear in what form they will return. It is suspected that they may interact with each other, but it is not clear in what capacity.

Besides, violaprettejohn (the nevers, The Wizard) plays a very young Elizabeth during World War II.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh


Jonathan Pryce in season 5 of The Crown

The late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, will be played by jonathan priceresuming his role The crown Season 5. Previous Philips, Matt Smith, and Tobias Menzies cameos are possible given that it’s the final season, but we haven’t heard anything to confirm this.

Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

margaret crown

Pictured: Leslie Manville and Beau Gadsdon

The late princess daisy will once again be interpreted by leslie manvillewho reprises her role from season 5. A much younger version of the princess will be played by beau gadsdon, who has played her in flashbacks since the first season. As in the case of Philip, other cameo appearances by Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham-Carter are possible, but not confirmed.

Charles, Prince of Wales

the crown season 5 prince charles dominic west

Dominic West in The Crown

Charles, Prince of Waleswho has been crowned King Charles II in May 2023, is played by dominican westwho reprises his role from season 5. We haven’t heard of any cameos from Josh O’Connor.

Diana, Princess of Wales

crown season 5 trailer elizabeth debicki 102022 2 2000 0803d83967e14145974c78e147f6a8c4

late wife of Charles Princess Diana Is interpreted by elizabeth debicki. She also reprises her role from Season 5. I don’t want to be a spoiler, but everyone knows that Season 6 will finally dig into Diana’s untimely death. The creators of the series said in a statement that, out of respect, they would not show the actual clash.

Prince William of Wales

william plaster

Pictured: Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey

prince william and the current heir to the throne will be played by two actors in The crown Season 6. Rufous Kampa will play William around the age of 15, while Ed McVey will play a slightly older version of the prince.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Meg Bellamy as Kate in the sixth season of The Crown

The young man Kate Middleton and William’s future wife will be played by meg bellamy in The crown Season 6.

Prince Harry of Wales

cast of harry

Pictured: Fflyn Edwards and Luther Ford

HarryWilliam’s younger brother, will be played by two actors in The crown Season 6. Like William, a younger Harry will be played by fflyn edwardswhile an older Harry will be played by luther ford.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

the crown season 5 prince andrew

James Murray in season 5 of The Crown

King Charles’ younger brother, Prince Andrew, will once again be played by james murraywho will reprise his role from season 5.

prince edward

edward crown

Pictured: Sam Woolf and Sebastian Blunt

Charles’s even younger brother, prince edwardwill be played by two actors in The Crown Season 6. First of all, Sam Woolf will reprise his role from Season 5, and at a later stage, Edward will be played by Sebastian Blunt.

Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

marcia warren the crown 501 unit 02001 2

Marcia Warren in season 5 of The Crown

The late queen mother elizabeth will be played once again by Marcia Warrenwho reprises his role from season 5.

Anna, royal princess

anne s5 the crown z

Claudia Harrison in The Crown Season 5

princess anne will also have claudia harrison resume his role The crown Season 5.

timothy lawrence

Princess Anne’s second husband, Timothy Lawrence, will be performed by Theo Fraser Steelereprising his role from season 5.

Camila Parker Bowles

Olivia Williams in The Crown Season 5

Olivia Williams in The Crown Season 5

Second wife of Charles and now queen Camila will be played by olivia williamswho reprises his role from season 5.

More new and recurring cast of The crown Season 6

jonathan hyde

Pictured: Jonathan Hyde

Apart from the Royal Family, there are many more people that we will see in the last season of The crown.

First of all, we would like to exclusively reveal that jonathan hyde (Titanic, jumanji) will be playing Miles Fritzan-HowardThe 17 Duke of Norfolk in The crown Season 6.

additional cast members The crown Season 6 includes:

  • khalid abdalla as dodi fayed
  • salim daw as Mohamed Al Fayed
  • Bertie Carvell as tony blair
  • lydia leonardo as cherie blair
  • andres havil as Robert Fellowes, Among many others.

We will keep this casting guide updated until the release of The Crown season six, which will debut in Q4 2023.

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