They made a ranking of mayors and it is led by an enemy of Máximo Kirchner


The wear of the figure Maximo Kirchneras he advanced Clarion, translates in these hours into a silent advance by the mayors to remove him from the leadership of the Buenos Aires PJ. And one new survey about the images of the mayors of the Conurbano It includes two symptomatic pieces of information about the former president’s son: his main enemy leads the table and one of his allies appears last.

The study is CB Consulting Public Opiniona firm that is dedicated to district-by-district measurements, and prepares three very interesting rankings: this one from the GBA, another from communal chiefs from across the country and one from governors.

The firm run by the analyst cristian buttié made a survey of 600 to 681 cases in each of the 24 municipalities of the Conurbano, between the 13th and 17th of this month. The results are presented with a margin of error of 3% to 4%.

Clarion This Monday he announced a part: the one that measured Javier Milei and showed a sharp drop in the president’s numbers.

As for the numbers of the mayorsin general son very good. Local leaders usually have more support than national leaders in their districts. And this survey confirms the rule.

Only four of the 24 communal leaders evaluated in the GBA ended up with a negative image differential, while Milei barely obtained that favorable balance in three of those same districts.

The 8 best

To analyze the performance of the 24 mayors, C.B. divided the table into three: the 8 best, the middle 8 and the worst 8. And the leader everything turned out to be a declared enemy of Máximo Kirchner inside the PJ: Fernando Gris.

The communal chief of Esteban Echeverría was the main opponent of the son of the former president taking over as head of the Buenos Aires PJ, even taking the fight to Justice. And now he is one of the central drivers for him to leave that position.

Fernando Gray, Esteban Echeverría’s mayor, when he voted at School No. 15 in Canning.

In the table of C.B. lead with 69.2% positive image and 28.9% negative. The podium, also with excellent figures, is completed by Macrista Diego Valenzuelaof February Third (+ 69.1% and – 27%); and another Peronist, Leonardo Nardiniof Malvinas Argentinas (+ 68.95 years – 27.4%).

Also with very good figures, complete another five of Peronist origin, one ally a while ago Together for Change. Is about Jaime Mendezof San Miguelthat combines + 65.5% and – 30.3% and comes seventh.

The other four of the official PJ are:

4th Mariano Cascallares (Admiral Brown): + 66.9% and – 26.8%.

5th mariel fernandez (Dark): + 66.2% and – 30.3%.

6th Gaston Granados (Ezeiza): + 66.1% and – 28.9%.

8th Juan José Mussi (Berazátegui): + 64.4% and – 32.3%.

The 8 worst

If you look at the bottom of the ranking, the last one is also related to Máximo Kirchner. Is about Federico Oterminformer right hand man Martin Insaurraldethe former provincial Chief of Staff, ejected from office after appearing photographed with a lush model on a lush yacht.

Martín Insaurralde, Federico Otermin and Máximo Kirchner, at a party event during the pandemic.

Both Insaurralde and Otermin were key allies of Máximo Kirchner in his dispute with Governor Axel Kicillof. In the CB survey, the new communal chief of Lomas (despite the scandal he won comfortably in his district) has 42.5% positive and 50% negative.

Also with negative balance There are three other Peronist mayors left. The camper Julian Alvarezfrom Lanús (+ 42.9% and – 47.3%), Barefoot Paulfrom Ituzaingó (+ 43.1% and – 48.4%) and Gustavo Menendezby Merlo (+ 43.6% and – 49.4%).

The four leaders who complete the bottom part of the table have an important consolation: they gather more support than rejection. They are also from PJ:

17th Damián Selci (Hurlingham): + 51.1% and – 44%.

18th Fernando Espinoza (The slaughter): + 50.5% and – 46.4%.

19th Mario Ishii (José C. Paz): + 48.9% and – 49.3%.

20° Fernando Moreira (San Martin): + 48.5% and – 42.4%.

The middle 8

In the middle of the ranking, already all with differential a favor and positive images between 51 and 61 points, there are six mayors of the PJ and two of Together for Change.

9th Julio Zamora (Tiger, PJ): + 60.7% and – 36.4%.

10th Jorge Ferraresi (Avellaneda, PJ): + 59.1% and – 36.4%.

11th Soledad Martinez (Vicente López, JxC): + 58.7% and – 36.8%.

12th mayra mendoza (Quilmes, PJ): + 57.1% and – 39%.

13th Juan Andreotti (San Fernando): + 56% and – 40.1%.

14th Andrew Watson (Florencio Varela): + 55.6% and – 40.4%.

15° Ramon Lanus (San Isidro): + 54.1% and – 38.9%.

16th Lucas Ghi (Fool): + 51.8% and – 44%.

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