Trump critic Liz Cheney calls Taylor Swift a “treasure”


Almost guaranteeing that the crisis between Donald J. Trump’s Make America Great Again movement will continue, Liz Cheney has weighed in on Taylor Swift.

Cheney, a former representative from Wyoming and descendant of old Republicanism who was effectively excommunicated from the party for her criticism of Trump, declared on social media: “Taylor Swift is a national treasure.”

Trump responded on his social media website: “Liz has gone full Democrat.”

That Mrs. Cheney touched that bear is not surprising. She has spent years provoking Trump, angering his most ardent supporters and urging her fellow Republicans to move on after she resigned from him in response to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Trump’s response is more notable.

His presidential campaign had first tried to ignore the whirlwind of unfounded conspiracy theories among his supporters, who maintain in one way or another that Swift and Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce are carrying on a fake, made-for-TV romance. devised by Democrats and the National Football League to drum up interest ahead of a rigged Super Bowl when they will endorse President Biden’s re-election.

Ultimately, criticism from conservatives reached such a fever pitch that the campaign let supporters know not to worry: No endorsement could save Biden.

But Trump’s opponents have seen it to their advantage to stoke controversy and draw the ire of Swiftie legions, hoping to attract more women to the Biden camp, widen the gender gap and energize young voters.

On Wednesday, Never Trump Republicans joined in the fun. Adam Kinzinger, the former Republican representative who joined Cheney on the House committee that investigated the Jan. 6 attack, posted. “Can you imagine being furious about Taylor Swift?” he asked. And he added: “My God, go for a walk and relax.”

The Lincoln Project, founded by anti-Trump conservatives and former Republicans, also created a video to mark the moment.

Mocked mercilessly, some Republicans and conservative commentators have tried to withdraw it. Spencer Cox, the Republican governor of UtahHe said the 2024 election was going to be bad enough “without us inventing more stupid things to fight about.”

He pleaded, “Let Travis and Taylor do their thing. Cheer up your team. Cheer up for football. Listen to your music. Let’s take a deep breath and relax.”

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