While the province pays with quasi-currencies, the son of a minister rides an elephant through Thailand.


La Rioja is going through an economic crisis for which two weeks ago it had to urgently approve the issuance of a quasi-currency to pay part of the salaries of public employees. In the midst of this delicate situation, in the last few hours a photo that generated outrage began to circulate on social networks.

This is an image in which Santiago Dupuy is seen –son of the province’s Minister of Housing, Lands and HabitatAriel Dupuy Soria- riding an elephant in Thailand.

One of the first to report the image was journalist Eduardo German, correspondent for Cadena 3, who in the profile @germanlarioja joked: “I already received the photo of the minister’s son riding an elephant in Thailand. You can forward it to the governor so that he doesn’t get angry with just me.”

Other network users also echoed the situation, but not only commented on the image in question, but also shared it. It is a screenshot from Instagram, from the profile @santiagopuy, in which the minister’s son appears riding an elephant in a jungle area and with a phrase in English as an epigraph that cannot be read completely.

On Facebook, the Riojans expressed their indignation. “Meanwhile, the government continues without relaxing decent increases for the state of La Rioja, Puy Soria’s son in Thailand enjoying an elephant ride, what hdp (sic)”, wrote user Miguel Montivero.

“The photo of the son of a minister of the Rioja government, riding an elephant in Thailand… And you going to get some air at the dam. The breed of expensive and exotic vacations“Quested Miguel Marcos.

Santiago Puy, son of a minister from La Rioja, on an elephant ride through Thailand.

The truth is that the profile where the image was published this morning was private and could only be accessed with an accepted friend request. Hours later, as the scandal grew, had been directly closed.

The dissemination of the photograph occurs just 12 days after the Legislature of La Rioja approved by a large majority the issuance of a quasi-currency, which will be used to pay the salaries of public employees. These are debt cancellation bonds (Bocade).

The ruling party’s project was sanctioned in the Extraordinary Session number 16 of the 138th legislative period. The voucher can be used to pay 30% of the salaries of public workers.

The idea arose after the crisis with the provincial security forces and after a “salary recomposition” agreement with the local Police, which sent a project to the provincial Legislature to create “its own currency” for the district.

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