REUS CEMETERY BEST SPAIN | The best cemetery in Spain is in this town in Catalonia.


Funespaña has awarded the Reus cemetery in its VIII edition of the Spain Cemeteries Competition considering that it is the best cemetery in Spain.

The Spanish Cemeteries Competition seeks to recognize the historical, social, artistic and heritage interest of the Spanish cemeteries, and in this way position the participating facilities as artistic, heritage and tourist resources, as reported this Friday by Funespaña in a statement.

“We consider the preservation and recovery of the valuable artistic and monumental heritage housed in the cemeteries of Spain to be fundamental. We want to highlight its role in society, revealing his historical, artistic, demographic significanceanthropological, touristic and economic”, explained the general director of Funespaña, Ramón Llaona.

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The Reus cemetery has been recognized in three of the four categories of which the contest is made up: best cemetery (first position), best monument (second) and best public activity (third).

On the other hand, the only cemetery recognized in the category best environmental initiative has been the cemetery Les Pruelles in Sitges (Barcelona).

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